Male to female smoking ratio in the UK:

Male smoking rate 15.1%/Female smoking rate 11.5%


Approximately close to 4 million adults use e-cigarettes, with the highest smoking

prevalence among the age group of 25-34, reaching 15.8%. The age group of 65 and above

has the lowest smoking prevalence at 8.0%.


Smoking rates in four provinces of the UK



Northern Ireland—13.8%



The traditional smoking population continues to decline.


According to relevant data, the smoking rate in the UK has reached an unprecedented low, currently standing at only around 13.3%, which is lower than the official statistics of 14% in 2020. According to official statistics, in the UK with over 8.7 million smokers, there are nearly 4 million e-cigarette users, indicating that a significant proportion of smokers have switched to using e-cigarettes as a substitute for traditional cigarettes.


Increasing Tax Revenue

and Employment:

The e-cigarette industry in the UK is experiencing rapid growth, with a market worth billions of pounds annually. It has created over 20,000 job opportunities and contributes hundreds of millions of pounds to the treasury each year. (Last year, the e-cigarette industry paid £310 million in taxes to the UK government.)


Reducing Healthcare Expenditure:

Official data shows that the e-cigarette industry saved the UK government £322 million in smoking-related healthcare costs in 2019. Research institutions estimate that if a large number of smokers switch to e-cigarettes, the potential savings in healthcare expenditure could reach £698 million.


Average E-Cigarette Spending per Person:

London, being the largest e-cigarette consumer market in the UK, also leads the nation in e-cigarette sales. According to CVIC’s market research, e-cigarette users in London spend an average of £50 or more per month on e-cigarette products, equivalent to approximately 435 Chinese yuan (with traditional cigarettes priced at around £15 per pack). Moreover, the consumption proportion of e-cigarettes is steadily increasing in other cities such as Brighton, Belfast, Glasgow, Nottingham, Liverpool, and Manchester.


Rapid Growth of E-Cigarette Stores:

According to market visit data from CVIC, there are approximately 18 e-cigarette retail outlets per square mile in northern cities of the UK. Leeds represents the city with the highest density of physical e-cigarette stores per square mile, while London ranks among the top with an average of 13 stores per square mile. Edinburgh secures the fifth position. Currently, e-cigarette users in England, Wales, and Scotland account for 8.3% of the adult population, marking an almost fourfold increase from 1.7% a decade ago.


Key Insights into the UK E-Cigarette Market


Coverage of Retail Terminals

Secondary wholesale


Many e-cigarette distributors in London are affiliated with wholesale suppliers in Manchester. They directly serve end-store customers, primarily covering local businesses in London and surrounding cities. Some wholesalers also have their own branded products and are willing to collaborate with Chinese manufacturers for OEM services.



Logistics and Freight Center

Shipment transfer


Birmingham, as the geographical center of the UK, holds a very important position in terms of goods transit. Apart from retail terminals, there are also numerous e-cigarette chain enterprises that have established transit warehouses in Birmingham. Their services cover terminal stores nationwide.



  • cigarette Distribution Center in the UK

Manchester’s wholesale market gathers nearly a hundred professional e-cigarette wholesalers. The products here not only cater to the domestic market in the UK but also have sales coverage across Europe and the Middle East.


Business Community


The business community in Manchester is predominantly composed of individuals of Indian and Pakistani origin, with the Sikh community from India being particularly influential. Whether in terms of financial strength or distribution channels, they represent a powerful group within the market.


Growth market


Manchester is also a hub for digital accessories and small commodities, with nearly a hundred specialized wholesalers. These merchants have their own sales networks and distribution channels. With the rapid growth in e-cigarette sales, many of these merchants are eager to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers and expand their business portfolios.


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