Brands with high consumer mind share


Open tank system:OXVA 、uwell、voopoo、,SMOK  、jellybox  ,lostvape、


Pod Mod :relx,SP2 Lana


Disposable:juul、relx,yooz、 HQD  ELFBAR 、mewo


Sales volume of terminal stores


Open tank system Shelving rate:OXVA 、uwell、voopoo、,SMOK  、jellybox、,lostvape、 geekvape,


Pod Mod Shelving rate:relx,,SP2、 Lana


Disposable Shelving rate:juul、Relx,yooz、 HQD  ELFBAR 、mewo


A brand with rapid sales growth in the recent market :foom , OXVA 、jellybox、 Relx


Summary: The local brands in Indonesia are mainly Chinese e-cigarette brands, most of which are Open tank system e-cigarettes, Disposable uncommon, only some convenience stores can be seen, Pod Mod are also uncommon, mainly brand is relx

At present, in terms of brand consumption, local consumers are inclusive of brands and do not tend to be one-sided.

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