Compliant product market


Compliant product market


aspire、Geek vape……

Mainstream brands of disposable products in the UK: ELF BAR, LOST MARY, SKE, ELUX…

(Dominating the channel market)

Owned by Imperial-Tobacco: Blu bar

Owned by British American Tobacco: Vuse

(Dominating the convenience store chain market)

Mainstream brands of open-system products in the UK: SMOK, VOOPOO,

aspire, Geek vape…

(More popular among Caucasian users)


Product market demand


Disposable Product Market Insights:


The disposable product market in the UK, specifically the compliant disposable products (600PUFFS), is highly mature and currently dominated by four major brands. Developing in this field requires key factors such as differentiated products, competitive pricing, and effective business policies. It poses relatively higher challenges in terms of development.

Large capacity products are considered non-compliant in the UK market, but they still hold a significant market share. Recently, products with capacities ranging from 6000 to 9000PUFFS have gained substantial sales and popularity among consumers. Most retail stores (excluding Key Account Distribution Channel) have these products available for sale. During store visits, CVIC discovered that a certain brand’s large capacity product had a weekly sales volume of approximately 3000 units in a single store.


Open System Product Market Insights:

Open system products have a solid user base in the UK, and the market offers a wide range of product types. Businesses are particularly interested in differentiated and compact products as a popular direction of focus.


Developing the E-Cigarette Market in the UK

  • cigarette ExistingMarketDevelopment

CVIC learned through offline visits that the majority of retail terminals/distribution channels in the UK are predominantly composed of the Indo-Pakistani ethnic group. The existing e-cigarette distribution is also targeted at this group. These distributors have had years of experience working with Chinese manufacturers. To target this customer segment (compliant products), it is

recommended to start with contract manufacturing business and assist customers in establishing their own brands to strengthen their own channels.

  • cigarette Growth Market Development:


During customer visits in the Growth market, CVIC found that due to the continuous decline in profits/sales in traditional sectors such as 3C digital/accessories and general merchandise, many distributors show strong interest in the e-cigarette segment. They mostly have established channel networks and offline distribution groups, which do not conflict with existing e-cigarette channels. Chinese manufacturers can quickly penetrate the UK market through this sector and establish a new e-cigarette distribution network.


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