First stop of CVIC2024 blockbuster event “Vape Action” : In the past 20 days, the British team of CVIC “Vape Action” has walked through the London e-cigarette wholesale market, London Middle East e-cigarette Street, London Oxford District, Southampton urban area and town, Bristol central area and town, Cardiff commercial center and surrounding town, Coventry business district and town, London Electronic Cigarette Market. Manchester e-cigarette wholesale market, Leeds central area, Liverpool business district and town, Sheffield business district and Sheffield business district, Glasgow central area 10 regions and cities. CVIC VAPE magazine is distributed throughout England, Wales and Scotland, from the South of England into the Midlands, and now into the northern region of the publishing and research market.

“Vape Action” UK station has been more than half of the trip, through visiting more than 300 stores and large agency wholesalers and channel distributors questionnaire, we have a preliminary understanding of the current UK e-cigarette market, to share with you:

01 The British economy is in a severe downturn and prices are rising
In recent years, the economy of Europe and the United Kingdom itself is not good, coupled with the Russian-Ukrainian war, resulting in a very poor economy in the United Kingdom, rising prices, high unemployment, which have indirectly affected the consumption direction of e-cigarette users in the product and consumption decline.

02 Wholesale market business declined year-on-year
Both sentiment and trading in the Manchester and London wholesale markets are much lower than at this time last year, even if sentiment is much lower than at the start of the year. First, the impact of the British New Deal on the market, the product is in an alternate period, normal. Second, professional e-cigarette chain stores in second-tier cities in the United Kingdom mainly sell their own brand products, and the distribution capacity of super supermarkets for e-cigarettes, affecting the wholesale market to reduce the shipment end. Third, the impact of the British economy on the consumption side has led to a prolonged purchase cycle in the wholesale market.

03 Changes in the consumption direction of terminal stores
Terminal stores are divided into two categories: A e-cigarette professional stores: the consumption of cigarette oil accounts for a large proportion, rising fast, the main sales are dominated by various UK E-liquid and several disposable head brands in China, and more and more Chinese equipment brands have launched E-liquid. Although disposable sales have declined, but in the consumer market demand is still very large, new products to 4 in 1products as the main sales direction. Prefilled POD products mainly occupy the market with 2-3 brand products in China, and sales are rising. B Grocery stores and digital stores: mainly to sell disposable products and E-liquid, large quantity is still the main profit products of such stores.

04 Changes in consumer psychology
The disposable ban has an impact on the consumer’s consumption heart, and consumers who are accustomed to consuming disposable products are also thinking about how to deal with their consumption habits after they begin to control disposable products. So we’re also gradually trying to change our habits. In addition, because the British economy is particularly bad this year, consumers’ purchasing power is declining, and the general price of disposable products is 5-10 pounds, and some big wattage numbers will be higher. There is also a big reason for the increase in the actual consumption of tobacco oil is because the cost of long-term purchase of E-liquid consumption is lower than the consumption of disposable products, the general price of buying 10ML E-liquid is 3-5 pounds, and each purchase can choose several flavors to buy together, and businesses generally launch 10 pounds of 3 strategies.

05 Nicotine pouches market
At present, the UK’s attention to nicotine pouches is very high, and every shop in the London wholesale market is doing the business of nicotine pouches, and there are many listed brands in the United States, Britain and China. The terminal store in southern England and Scotland is very high, and some people buy it, most of the buyers are young people, the central region is not very high, but there are still many active followers, it is understood that the profit margin of nicotine pouches is still very large.

06 The importance of the British market
Very important, because of historical colonial reasons, the United Kingdom is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural interwoven world country, to do the British market is to do the world e-cigarette market, the United Kingdom is one of the global e-cigarette market vane. Today’s British e-cigarette market should not use wisdom to fight strength, or take the courage to fight hard, the consumer market here is very good, destined to be a big market worth learning. After more than ten years of e-cigarette experience, today has entered the era of both norms and professionalism, and more daring and material to fight.

CVIC’s “Vape Action” UK tour will continue to visit Newcastle and Birmingham, and the agreed customers who met with “Vape Action” UK tour 12 cities will meet again at the Birmingham exhibition on May 10 to share the industry event.