CVIC -The emergence of pod-based systems!

Pod-based systems offer better cost-effectiveness compared to disposable options.

According to the information gathered, more than half of the exhibitors at the Dortmund Tobacco Exhibition showcased pod-based products, including brands like Vozol, Jie Er, Pod Salt, Wiip, and ANYX. Some brands even introduced new pod-based products specifically for the exhibition.

Germany is currently increasing the tobacco tax, which will result in higher prices for disposable products. This may drive consumers to choose pod-based systems for better value for money. Additionally, some pod-based systems from certain companies can produce a larger number of puffs per cartridge, offering a more attractive cost advantage in the market. Moreover, many consumers in German stores have been inquiring about pod-based systems, indicating a demand in the purchasing market.

According to recent industry estimates released by the Dortmund Tobacco Freedom Alliance (BfTG), while disposable e-cigarettes still dominate the German mass market, their popularity has been declining. Currently, disposable e-cigarettes account for 30% of the e-vaping market in Germany, a decrease of 10 percentage points compared to 2022. On the other hand, the market share of reusable pod-based systems, which can be used multiple times, has reached 15% and is showing an upward trend. These figures indicate the catalytic effect of policy measures on the shift towards pod-based systems.

Due to its size and stability, the German market is highly favored by many Chinese brands, and even numerous overseas brands are deeply cultivating the German market. However, Germany currently has strict requirements for tobacco taxes, product packaging, and compliance information, which may increase manufacturing costs. In this competitive landscape, many companies can only rely on innovation and reputation to attract consumers. They need to strategically distribute their products through more accessible channels in order to establish a strong presence in the market.


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