After the Sonder Q, GeekVape has completed its pod range with the Wenax Q. Fitted with a screen, this pod offers a few simple, practical settings options for everyday use.

The Wenax Q is a simple, practical pod. You can use it in automatic mode or choose from a few settings – either way, it delivers quality vapour whichever coil you use. It’s a well-finished, effective device.


Excellent performance, as always


On the front face there’s a small monochrome screen and the fire button, which also serves to adjust the settings. The screen is bright, and it’s easy to read the information displayed, even when you use it outdoors in very bright sunshine. The button sits right under your finger. It lights up when you press it and during charging.


The Wenax Q can deliver up to 25 W of power. Pressing the fire button three times in a row opens the settings menu, where you can choose the power level. Each subsequent button push ups the power by 1 W.


Once you’ve chosen the power level, you have to wait a few seconds for the Wenax Q to save the setting. It takes five quick pushes to switch the pod on or off, which is actually very handy for when it’s in a pocket or bag.


Although you can set the power level yourself, the Wenax Q knows what cartridge value you’ll need and automatically suggests the right value.


Press the button or just inhale to make vapour. We didn’t notice any lag between starting to inhale and it starting to make vapour.


Our one came with two cartridges. One was 0.6 ohm, for use between 18 and 25 W and the other 1.2 ohm cartridge works from 8 to 12 W. The 1.2 ohm one is designed for indirect inhalation while the higher value one delivers much bigger clouds.


Two magnets hold the cartridges onto the top of the pod body and they do a brilliant job. The hold is excellent and we didn’t notice any sideways play or other annoying movement while we had it to our lips.


You fill the cartridge in the usual way. Just remove the mouthpiece at access the filling hole. We’d recommend using narrow bottle tips to make filling easier and to avoid any spills from the 2 ml cartridge. The Wenax Q and Sonder Q use the same cartridges so they’re compatible with both models. Like the Sonder Q, it delivers excellent, reliable flavours.


We got the best results with fruity flavours. The only thing we didn’t like was that is uses