Recently,  Geekvape  officially released a new atomization technology solution VPU in Paris, France. Just as the update iteration of the CPU in the current technological field emphasizes the improvement of graphics performance and AI computing power, the VPU is not limited to a single breakthrough, but a comprehensive solution focusing on key pain points such as taste experience, security, and service. Life in the atomization field needs to be  upgraded  . .

Geekvape officially provides detailed information on VPU. After checking, we found that the emergence of VPU largely reflects the innovation of research and development thinking in the industry, and we can break it down one by one.

Redefine the heating element to enhance the taste experience

As we all know, the heating element is the core component of electronic atomization, and its design and manufacturing level will directly affect the overall atomization quality. Geekvape officially explained that they have leading advantages in the preparation of heating elements, and have professional technical capabilities in the fields of simulation testing, material microscopic design, and device structure design.

For the etching heating part of the VPU, Geekvape adopts finite element analysis (FEA), combined with advanced testing methods such as infrared imaging, aerosol particle size analysis, and total particle quality, to design to ensure that the aerosol release meets expectations.

According to Geekvape data, compared with other products on the market, products equipped with VPU solutions can release 23.7% more aerosol per puff under the same suction conditions. Moreover, in the case of continuous use, stable release can be ensured, and the taste will not be reduced.

In addition to the heating sheet, cotton storage is another key factor in determining battery life and smoke volume. Geekvape revealed that due to the different debugging points of each manufacturer, the cotton storage standards in the market are also different. This leads to problems such as oil leakage due to uneven penetration of the product, resulting in a high defect rate and inevitable after-sales problems, which will bring additional costs.

Therefore, VPU has established a set of cotton storage standards, including compression elasticity, porosity, grammage unevenness, grammage tolerance, oil absorption, locking ability, etc., to ensure the consistency of product quality and performance for each batch. According to Geekvape, the pass rate has increased from 85% to 99.9%, and the development cycle speed has increased by 35%.

In addition, VPU also iterates the oil guiding and oil storage capabilities of the atomizing core from the perspective of the atomizing core substrate. On the one hand, Geekvape fully considers the heating speed and concentration as well as the corrosion resistance of the material in the selection and design of heating materials and patterns. On the other hand, it introduces a hydrophobic material with adjustable nanoscale morphology in the base material to improve mouthfeel and prevent core burnout.

Specifically, in the research of ceramic cores,  Geekvape  has achieved precise control of the pore diameter in the range of 0.1 to 80 microns through advanced raw material selection and molding process. The most suitable pore size and uniform pore structure can be matched according to different application scenarios. Through simulation design and repeated experiments on the simulation experiment platform, the expression of taste and high safety are finally achieved.