According to a study by Loughborough University, around one in five male and female professional footballers are currently using snuff, puffing or both; The report notes that the actual usage figure is “likely” higher as players are reluctant to disclose usage.

Of the 628 male players from English Premier League or English Football League (EFL) clubs surveyed, 18% said they were currently using the app, while 22% of the 51 women’s Super League players surveyed said they were currently using it.

Users cited increased mental readiness as its primary benefit (29% and 55%, respectively), with 41% of male players saying they use the product to help relax, most commonly after practice and after a game. The figure for female players was 64 per cent.

One of the 16 professional club acting and medical staff interviewed for the report said players used it as a “coping mechanism”.

The pouch also acts as an appetite suppressant, the report found.