Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited (PTC) on May 27 announced the export of Velo, an oral cigarette brand, to Japan, expanding Pakistan’s presence in the global market and bringing in potential foreign exchange earnings of up to $100 million annually through all exports.

The launch ceremony was attended by Union Minister of Commerce Jam Kamal Khan and distinguished guests from the public and private sectors.

PTC is Pakistan’s first multinational corporation and is a cornerstone of the country’s economy. PTC has contributed more than Rs 6,800 crore to the state Treasury over the past five years and was awarded the prestigious’ Top Taxpayer Award ‘in 2024 in recognition of its tremendous financial contribution.

Michael Dianocic, British American Tobacco’s Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, said: “It is a proud moment for PTC to prepare for the export of modern oral nicotine packs to key markets such as Japan. This achievement highlights our strong partnership and marks a significant step forward for BAT and Pakistan.” Expanding into international markets creates new revenue streams and opportunities, cementing our position as a global leader.”

Ali Akbar, Managing Director and CEO of PTC, added: “We are excited to expand our reach with Velo to further contribute to the economic development of Pakistan. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to constantly seek new opportunities and markets. I would also like to ask the Government of Pakistan for its continued valuable support in developing the right regulatory and fiscal regime for this sector to flourish. Proper regulation will certainly determine the long-term success and sustainability of this business.”