As a leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry, ELUX has taken it as its responsibility to bring excellent experience to users since its inception, and has continuously deepened the atomization electronics industry, forming an industrial ecological chain integrating product development and design, manufacturing, sales and brand communication.

ELUX relies on professional R & D team, flexible supply chain system, automated production workshop, localized operation management, to steadily help the brand to go to sea. At present, its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, covering as many as 10,000 offline stores, bringing sophisticated atomization products and good user experience to more than 40 million consumers. In response to the changing global market, ELUX’s parent company has already set up production bases in Indonesia, Algeria, Russia, and will also set up production bases in Europe and North America in the future, in order to more effectively integrate regional resources to meet the market needs of different regions.

The development of atomization industry needs sustainability, and the implementation of environmental protection plans is also an important performance of ELUX’s social responsibility. ELUX has jointly launched the “Recycling Bucket Program” with Green Wing in the UK, hoping to help Green Wing become a benchmark in the field of environmental protection and accumulate successful experience. I hope to work with you to promote the concept of environmental protection to the world.