On the first day of the exhibition, there were not many professional visitors, which made the exhibitors a little disappointed. The products on display are mostly 4-in-1, 5-in-1,POD products and disposable products are significantly reduced. There are not many bright products, but several can be found. The following pictures mainly show the exhibitors and exhibits of this exhibition:

01 Exhibitor features: Strengthen activities, strong sense of audience participation

There are not many exhibitors this year, but from the perspective of construction, there are still some booths that are very distinctive. Traditional construction and the trend of the full sense of Vape culture interplay for the exhibition added a lot of color, a number of booths have set up a turntable raffle, ring raffle and other interactive activities, sent gifts from e-cigarettes, to e-cigarettes around, which seems to be another business opportunity in the e-cigarette section.

02 Brand influence: Taste promotes the rise of E-liquid brands

Disposable e-cigarette brands such as ELUX and ELFBAR are strong in the market, accounting for half of the market with UK. Therefore, at this exhibition, the booth of the brand of E-liquid is full of customers who test and inquire.

03 Nicotine pouches appeared at the exhibition, is another layout of the e-cigarette brand?

In the booth, there are a number of e-cigarette brands exporting cigarettes, which seems to be another strategy of the brand side. Under the current policy, one more track will better protect the channel and market. For brand parties and channel operators, the integration of both may be the next market opportunity.

In short, the exhibitors of this exhibition have surprises, there are still a few harvests, and the mentality of most manufacturers is to wait and see first, support the existing channel business, and deeply cultivate the market. CVIC, as the vertical media of the e-cigarette industry, still believes that the opportunity of the e-cigarette industry needs to quickly find the direction in each uncertainty to make a judgment, and there is an opportunity to be firm

The following is the highlight brand booth:

The following picture shows the featured products of the booth: