A product made by Imperial Tobacco called Zonnic was approved for sale in Canada in July 2023 last year

Mustafa Hirji, the new health officer at the Health Department, said current regulations are too lax, making it relatively easy for these bags to fall into the hands of children, and while technically these should be medicines, they are considered natural health products, and what the industry is seeing is that they are not just saying this is something that can be used to quit smoking, They also launched various flavors and various advertisements to make it more attractive, especially to young people

While no one under the age of 18 is allowed to use the bags, and the packaging carries such warnings, Hirji and other health officials worry that the bags could still end up in the hands and mouths of young people.

“Nicotine is dangerous, there are all sorts of neurocognitive effects, it affects people’s ability to think, mood and attention, especially for young people, it changes the way their brain is wired during formation, and it may not stop developing until you’re 25,” Hirji said.

Hirji said Health Canada did issue an advisory a month ago emphasizing that the product should only be used for smoking cessation (or e-cigarette) purposes, and given the concerns expressed, the department is now considering some regulatory changes.